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Behind & Over The Other Side of That Door ;)

April 27, 2011

How I leave home….


1. door wide open

2. bag in one hand

3. coat in the other

4. punches in for the elevator and coming back

5. throwing out heels

6. remembers mobile still in or has to be something

7. much rummaging later

8. almost near the door with mobile

9. most certainly will have forgotten something else usually umbrella / wallet

10. finally locks

11. elevator long gone

12. pummeling down the stairs

13. madly waving at cabs


1. “packing of the bag”

2. double checking including packing fragile stuff (mobile / watch) at less accessible sites

3. coat on me

4. doing a surround check out of the window

5. slow unlocking

6. bag in one hand

7. some kind of weapon in other (pathetic I know. LOL)

8. doing the ninja move as I jump out

9. rapid scan of surroundings

10. watching my back as I lock up

11. waiting for the elevator door to open completely before entering

12. switching weapon with umbrella (holding it as a possible weapon)

12. breathing easy as I land at the lobby waving at the watchman (relief)

13. calm careful walk till the cab

SIGHH. Life post the Jerk.

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