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peeps & places

home sweet home – my hometown 🙂

land of horrors – where I’ve to stay to get done with med school.

Here are the people in my life featuring in this blog:

I do love my parents, but its quite hard.

Dad – good Father I guess as far as money and standing by us goes. don’t you scream ungrateful.

he’s a big bully. probably coz of the way he was brought up.

anything beyond what he wants or says and hell breaks loose alright!

Mom – she’s Mom 🙂 fun with a great sense of humor.

favorite activities include digging in my stuff – wallet, bills, pockets, bags, drawers…anywhere and everywhere possible. To her credit nothing misses her except stuff you need help finding. Hehe.

totally insensitive, devoid of emotion and reciting painful incidents and hurtful events of your life are her specialty.

Zookie – my best mate. one of the people i just love beyond words can say. she has a little baby who just turned 1 – baby Aly

Ray – my pal at med school

Cody – my kiddo broey that i love to bits

Joe – big bro

Bebe – crazy friend of mine. my booze partner. lol. and only friend from high school whos in the same med school as me now.

Aki – room-mate and med school mate

Sash – my friend at the rival med school. lol.

Dr. Gorgeous – my kinda-crush at hospital. Hehe. just something to keep my mind off

The Jerk – ex-boyfriend [though he doesn’t seem to realize the e x ]

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