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Anti-Depressants # 2

May 14, 2011

If anyone wants a bit more insight or understanding or just curious regarding Anti-Depressants, hope this’ll be useful or you can email me.

Sertraline + Bupropion

First Night


Terrible! I was tired. Yet sleep refused to sink in.

Sleep is one thing that comes easily to me. Never ever had to suffer from any kind of insomnia.

So I guess was harder as it was an entirely new feeling. Twisted and turned for hours. Agitation.


Even though I had just 5 hours of sleep, I awoke easily when mom called me up for something.

And I don’t feel the urge for ‘nother wink or a pulling towards more sleep.



Now on to the possible reason for all that no sleep + agitation…

My bupropion / Wellbutrin was sustained release, so kept me charged for the whole day.

However my sertraline / Zoloft was not. Hence the morning tremors with the bolus dose and wearing off effects towards evening. So I’m breaking it into two, 12-hourly doses. That seems to have helped now.

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