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Center of Attention: From one Bully to the Next

April 9, 2011

Some like it that way. Everyday. Well thank God I aint one of them.

No I don’t mind if they are the center in a good way. Its the bad that bothers me.

Abusers like to be centers. Centers of everything.

My father. As soon as the center shifts from him, you will be made aware of it.

Like this instance at Uncle Joy’s last day. Aint anything major but since its fresh on mind. Where Uncle Joy’s delighted to show off his new LED flat screen. We are at breakfast. [Dunno how the general feel towards the combo of television & food is, but I like them together šŸ™‚ ] Now a bunch of people, cousins, aunts around and our attention goes to the screen.

Boom! There goes dad. “Shut the tv. We are eating. Switch it off.”

Now the other kids look weirded. Its their house. Lol. And as I see they haven’t come across this idea before.

Uncle Joy looks surprised. “Who wants the tv on??” He asks. Lol. And thats everyone.

Dad goes, “Oh really. You people don’t find it disturbing, fine no problem then.”

Amusing. Hehe. I love it when I find I am not an animal after all. Or maybe we all are animals except dad šŸ˜‰

The Jerk (ex.) used to be one. I probably never stop kicking myself, for not seeing the obvious similarity between him & my dad. And running for dear life.

Everything had to be about him. A guy friend called up on my birthday at 12 night as the clock struck into my b’day. No soon as I had thanked him and disconnected. I was up 5 inches above the floor, hanging by his fist that was clenched to my neck.

I did think I was dying. Haha. I was blacking out somewhat.

Anyway I hate centers of attention. Hehe. Not the good kind of course.

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