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Going Back

March 8, 2011

Mood: scared

Place: home sweet home

Scene: now

Scared…terrified to be honest.
Tonight I board the plane to my land of horrors.

Mom has been bundled with me contrary to my wishes, originally.
However I’m kinda glad now, atleast I’ve some kind of protection against The Jerk.

The Jerk has been unsually silent since I left, for the past 2 months. Thats some kind of a record. Lol. No bombardment of txts, no emotional blackmailing….oh yes, I’m delighted! Only hoping it aint the clear before the storm.

I hope I aint putting Mom in danger. Telling Mom = one hyperventilating, cussing, blaming you for every horror on earth person next to you who will not shut up even to save her life & will make sure every person nearby gets a whiff of something wrong.
& I am beet-red.

Humph. I rather keep my mouth shut.
Still my peace vs. her safety….

Hmmm rather than avoiding trouble, she’ll invite it in with her antics.
My Lord will show show me some way.

Off to pack up & ponder some more…..

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